Webcam gives blank screen on my YM

I use my friend's laptop that is having embedded webcam in the top of the monitor. I wanted to use yahoo messenger (YM) with webcam but it just give me a blank screen. The other party that is viewing my webcam says the same.

Curious with what is happening, I tried to open skype and broadcast the webcam. It is no problem. Anybody in the skype can see me. So what is going on??? It is not because of the webcam... it must be something with the ym.

I look in ym support and says that one of the reason is because lack of light. Webcam is very sensitive and therefore it could give a blank display if lack of lights. Naaa.... it works with my skype. Afterwards, I found the site where I can test my webcam for compatibility with ym. It is here: how to test my webcam. It still does not work. However that pages tells me:

Where's the Contact Customer Care button? With so many improvements to Messenger since the version you're using (lots more features and reliability), we figured you're ready to move up. So get your upgrade and with the new version, rest assured if you have questions, you’ll find that friendly button on its help pages.

I tried to upgrade to ym 8.1 and it works. If not, I do not know what to do anymore. Maybe trying to check for webcam drivers.



October 25, 2008 at 12:08 AM

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