Nothing to do

Today, I have nothing to do.... so I put a blogpost that is nothing related to what I usually published!

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Got Sicked 3 days ago

Whoah.... I was experiencing severe sore throat and flu last 3 days. It made me too lazy to post something. Every time I opened my Laptop and got online. I just spent time checking my emails and replied the important ones. Other than that, I was just lying down watching some tv shows or reading. The sore throat was the one killing me. I even did not comfortable to speak. It must be because of unpredictable weather nowadays.

Good thing I am getting better today and it is now weekend :D I hope I am not to excited to spend my weekend since I am still in my recovering period. I am now also rechecking my mails to reply them.

Just a little tips for everyone, do not forget to drink a lot of water and get enough rest. You do not want to be "forced" to rest because of sick. Enjoy your weekend :D

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97e3613 result on the last day

Today is the last day for 97e3613 SEO contest. As I am typing this blogpost, I am in the 4th positions for 97e3613 SERP. Check yourself, who is No 1 now for 97e3613 keyword. I still do not understand well how we can get high rank in SERP (search engine ranking position) for 97e3613 keyword. I have tried putting more 97e3613 keywords in the blogpost and asking link with 97e3613 link name to the blogpost. Lastly, I also publish in social bookmark like propeller to boost my 97e3613 keyword in SERP.

Nonetheless, it really helped me to see how the the movement of my 97e3613 blogpost during the last week every time I asked from a 97e3613 link. It increased my 97e3613 rank even a little bit. Well, Congrats to the winner, who ever it will be!

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Are You an Online Gambler?

If an average time you spend on the internet is more than 4 hours/day (outside your work related tasks), then, you are an internet addict. What percentage of activities do you spend on the internet? If you are an online gambler, most probably, you spend more than 50% doing online gambling when you are online to kill your leisure time. Yeah right, you might say that playing online casinos are for fun, right?

With many online gambling sites are emerging, giving promises and even free gifts, these becoming luring sites to visit. This growing business is opening opportunities for some scammers out there to try to steal your money with unfair game. Worst case is that they steal your money and your identity like credit cards details. That is not fun at all. Thus, make sure that you put your money on trusted online gambling sites.

Pro360 is one of the online casino review sites available. The site will try to rank most online casinos by combination of Editor review and Player ratings. This makes pro360 as a fair and objective online casino reviews because the ratings are coming as well from the players who have tried the online casinos by themselves. What interest me is the bonus and certificates that the site have. This could be a major factor when deciding to put our money. We want to have more bonus to leverage the money we put. In addition, certificates are the one to make us comfortable putting our credit card details.

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Black Aschode WP Theme

I have said to myself before to learn how to code blog theme in Photoshop CS and tried to code them into a running blog theme from a scratch. Unfortunately I was not able to finish learning them in 2 weeks as I challenged my self. Shame on me! The reason was because my errands becoming more and more for the past few weeks. Starting from work problems up to as simple as house chores. Well, something needs to be prioritized.

In the end, I just modified my old script into a unique black 2-column theme. This theme does not involve much graphics. Simple a play of colors. However, you can add any header image you like. Just change the header.jpg from the file. This black theme is a widget ready and ready for download at Black Aschode

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Insteresting Sites

This blogpost will be dedicated for exchange links. Since there are many requests to exchange links or many sites that I found interesting and worth a link for; it will be difficult if all of them are put in the sidebar. Thus, I will put it here. I added one link in the sidebar that will always link to this blogpost.

Here we are:

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Free Comp e-Books


Electric System

Budget Wedding

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Nimrodjo Blog
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Computer Games
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Where do you put your extra money for your passive or additional income?

As an ordinary worker that put effort from 8am-5pm in the office (well, sometimes up to 10pm), I tend to try to put my savings to some programs that could bring me some passive income. I have tried some HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) Online and got scammed twice. The good thing is that I only invested there around $10-$50 to test their program. Now, I never trust those HYIP Online anymore. If some of you really get good return, then, good luck to you and stay safe.

I tried also playing FOREX and it really consumed my time to search and monitor the progress. Being greedy, I lost about $1000+ in the process. Finally I stopped playing it myself and put my money in managed fund handled by FXCM. So far, I got a return of 20%-50% a year. Not much? At least I am not wasting my time looking at the chart, news, and reports.
Similar to FOREX, I tried to understand options trading. Option trading is a derivative of stocks trading. I signed up for a virtual trading in OptionsXpress and learn it by myself. In the end, I stopped it as well because it consumed my time to monitor the news and movements everyday. I have read that some people could only spend 2 hours per day and get profit out of that. Well, may be I am not smart enough or discipline enough to just spend 2 hours per day and understand the positions.

From 2 years ago, I put some of my money in mutual funds. I choose big investment houses like Schroders and Fortis to manage my funds. Why? Because it is easier for me to trust them as compared to small investment houses that have just started up and promising big returns. So far, they gave me return around 30%-50% a year for my aggressive portfolio.

Please take note that even I have benefits some passive incomes from forex managed funds and mutual funds, there are NOT risk free. Those kind of investments involve risk of losing money. They put it clearly on the form when I signed up. Thus, only put your additional money that you can risk on those types of investments.

How about you? What programs did you join to bring you additional income or passive income? Please share it with me by putting in comments?

Secured Loans

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Choosing Your Web Hosting

I have been using web hosting services for more than 5 years now. Back then, I was not really look for hosting companies outside my country (Indonesia) because the difficulty in term of payments. I started to rent a hosting space for as low as 10MB just to host my tiny sites with low costs. The first feature that I look is always a reliable tech supports because I did not know much about technical things. This helped me a lot when installing some script and creating some cron jobs.

Time passed by and Paypal accepted Indonesia to send and receive money. This opened an opportunities for me to choose more webhosting companies with competitive prices. The disadvantages is that some reviews I read is not updated nor objective. Once, I bought a hosting space with very low prices ($1/month for 1G space) and it had a good review. Unfortunately, the reviews were kind of old and I had problem with the hosting company. Their responds to the support ticket that I submitted took days. This was a headache in my part when I wanted to install some new scripts and had problems. Other than that, the hosting was ok to host my simple html or php sites.

Based on this experience, it is always better to research more about your web hosting company before you finally choose them. Try to submit ticket or email them or chat with their live support to know their response time before buying the hosting. In addition, there are a lot of hosting review or hosting directory sites available. One of them is webhostingchoice.com . Try to look some tips to find the cheap web hosting there. I like a sentence of

“Just because a host is cheap does not mean that you will receive 'cheap' service, but you must be careful.”

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Christmas is coming

Although it is just 6 November now, I need to think a little bit of Christmas gift ideas for my parents, brothers, and some of my friends. Why so early? because I would not want to be in rush for my Christmas shopping in December. You must have experience the crowded store during December. In addition, the most important is that I do not want to miss someone in my list.

Sometime, it is safer to give shop gift cards. This will be a gift certificate that my relatives or friends can used to buy any products they like in under the shop on the gift cards. Of course, I need to give the popular gift cards like Home Depot, JC Penney, Bloomingdale's, etc. Another reason to give a gift cards is that it is easy to handle and send because some of them are gift card online that you could send through email.

Now, I need to start building my list as not to forget my relatives and friends for Christmas gifts. Well, it means that I need to start to save my money from now :D

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Borobudur Temple – The biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia

Borobudur temple located in the Jogjakarta city on central Java and it is the biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia. Some archaeologists believe that Borobudur temple was abandoned during 14th century following the fall of Buddhist in Central Java and Javanese stated to convert to Islam. It was then that Borobudur was discovered by Sir Thomas Raffles, the British ruler of Java in 1814. Since then, the Borobudur has undergone some restorations and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I have been 3 times went to Borobudur temple and I was always amazed on how many tourist (both local can foreign) to appreciate the structures and reliefs of the temple.

A quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borobudur:

The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. A main dome is located at the center of the top platform, and is surrounded by seventy-two Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa.

The monument is both a shrine to the Lord Buddha and a place for Buddhist pilgrimage. The journey for pilgrims begins at the base of the monument and follows a path circumambulating the monument while ascending to the top through the three levels of Buddhist cosmology, namely, Kamadhatu (the world of desire); Rupadhatu (the world of forms); and Arupadhatu (the world of formless). During the journey, the monument guides the pilgrims through a system of stairways and corridors with 1,460 narrative relief panels on the wall and the balustrades.

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Dijual Land Rover (On Sale)

A friend of mine in Jakarta asked me to put his land rover on sale into a website. So I decided to help him by putting his dijual land rover simple ad online. Good luck with your sale mate.

More info about land rover series I or II can be found in this land rover book

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