Got Sicked 3 days ago

Whoah.... I was experiencing severe sore throat and flu last 3 days. It made me too lazy to post something. Every time I opened my Laptop and got online. I just spent time checking my emails and replied the important ones. Other than that, I was just lying down watching some tv shows or reading. The sore throat was the one killing me. I even did not comfortable to speak. It must be because of unpredictable weather nowadays.

Good thing I am getting better today and it is now weekend :D I hope I am not to excited to spend my weekend since I am still in my recovering period. I am now also rechecking my mails to reply them.

Just a little tips for everyone, do not forget to drink a lot of water and get enough rest. You do not want to be "forced" to rest because of sick. Enjoy your weekend :D