Paraglide View

This is one of the experiences that I will never forget. I tried this paraglide when I visited West Java. My friend brought me to a mountain area around 40 km from Bandung. I was told that there will be an instructor who will be my paraglide buddy. That relieves me since I never know how to handle this kind of things.

Actually, I did nothing during take off and landing. My instructor did all the job :D I just participated by running during take off, handle the bar little bit during flying, and offer my butt for a butt landing instead of proper landing.

During the rest of time we were on the air, I enjoyed the view and took pictures. It was a moment of silent that I really enjoyed on the air.

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Sale Closed!

I recently sold one of my assets through internet. I sold a property to buy another property that looks more promising. Some says that investing in real estate is quite difficult especially when you need to cash in immediately.

Well, with the advanced technologies nowadays, seller can advertise online, even for selling big assets like real estates. You can find a lot of online advertising that you can post for free. One of them is Webcosmo. Site like this as non-profit site makes a better online community to meet buyer and seller. Take advantage of the online resources available to advertise your properties. Do you know that most of real estate agents are using online advertising nowadays?

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Blame Virus for your Overweight Body

This is an interesting research done by Nikhil Dhurandhar, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Lusiana, US. If you have done proper diet and exercise hard to loose your weight but with no significant result, maybe it is time to blame on the virus.

Recent study by Dhurandhar found out that there is a virus called adenovirus 36 that transpose main cell into fat cell. This virus usually causes infection of eyes and respiratory system.

The research was tested on the animal when it was injected by this virus. The fat cells became accumulated after the injection. While this was not being proven on human, but the study says, in general, that overweight persons, have this virus counts triple compared to ordinary persons observed.

In near future, the team of scientist will continue to research on how this virus can transpose the cell. In addition, new vaccine is being analyzed to prevent this virus in human body.

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Using HP Photosmart C3100 series

Today I bought this HP Photosmart C3100 "All in one". I am not soooo gadget person but I just need scanner and printer for my personal stuff. Since I got a good deal, I get this device. The design is slim for such a device with printer and scanner in one.

As usual, we all started by installing the driver for this device. The product comes with a CD contains a lot of software. Just imagine that I need to spend more than 30 minutes to install the software and necessary drivers for this HP Photosmart C3100 to work. Well, I can blame also my laptop that is quite slow nowadays. Maybe I need to change laptop as well.

In the end, installing more than 30 minutes for all the softwares that are included are worth waiting. The software includes all necessary tools to work with images, starting from photo album, editing, etc. When I opened the first time this HP Photosmart essential software, it scans all the pictures in my computer and create indexes for future use. Just like Picasa and other photo software huh?

After doing some scanning and printing, I am quite happy with the quality. It's a good buy for me today. You can check the product as well by clicking the image.

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How to eliminate spicy taste from your mouth without water

Have you ever faced a situation where you accidentally eat spicy food or snack and you can not find water to sooth the spicy taste from your tongue?

This usually happens when you are in the car and tried to eat some snack without water. Or it just happen that the water you have if not enough to eliminate the spicy odor in your mouth.

I am a fond of spicy food and I usually eliminate the spicy feeling in my mouth by drinking hot water. Yes... hot water, not cold water. Cold water is just relieving you in a while, after that you will feel the spicy sensation again. In the end, you end up with drinking a lot of cold water. Another way to remove this spicy taste in the mouth is by eating something sweet. I do not really like this idea because I feel a weird taste eating sweets after finishing my spicy food.

I discovered this technique without water accidentally when I was eating sooooo hot food and I was running out of drinking water in the car. To make it worst, I was trapped in the traffic jam. Then... what is the technique?

1. Close your mouth by making a space inside your mouth. You do this by putting your lips together but make sure that your tongue does not touch your upper and lower(inner) mouth.
2. Extrude your lips forward a little bit. Try to maintain the space inside your mouth. It is better if you this while you are away from the public or away from the mirror.. hehehe.. because you look funny.
3. This is the important step. By doing the second step, you will feel your tongue a little bit pulled back automatically. Now, contract more your tongue muscle. It is just like making your tongue squeezed and pulled back more. If you do correctly, you fell the spicy taste even more now. But do not give it up. Hold around 5 - 10 seconds and release the contraction. Repeat this step if necessary until you really feel the spicy taste gone from your tongue.

Well, I hope this technique can be beneficial for you. It never fails me. Good luck and remember to do step 2 and 3 away from the public. Happy eating spicy food!

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The Facts on Stretch Marks

After reading this article below, I laugh myself. Stretch Marks are the side effect of growing too fast.. hehehe. In deed, I gained several kilo in the last months. Now, I noticed a stretch mark on my arms.

You can read the ways to prevent or remove stretch mark below. For me, I will just do a little diet. :D


Stretch marks are purplish streaks and scars that normally appear on the buttocks, hips, abdomen, breast, and arms. They are a common side effect of growing too fast. They form when the dermis (the middle elastic layer of your skin) is stretched breaking down the elasticity in your skin. As the elasticity breaks down, the skin tries to reinforce itself with collagen in the over stretched skin, thus causing stretch marks.

Factors that contribute to the formation of stretch marks are:

Heredity - some skin types are just genetically predisposed. If you mother had stretch marks, chances are you will.

Weight - excess rapid weight gain as found in pregnancy and bodybuilding or to the other degree excessive weight loss.

Skin type - Some skin types are dryer than others thus having less elasticity, while well-hydrated skin tends to have more elasticity.

Removal and prevention of stretch marks:

Surgical methods - Dermabrasion, chemical peel, and advancement in laser treatments can be used to treat stretch marks. As with any cosmetic surgery, age, skin type, and even diet will influence the results.

Lotions and Crèmes - Advancements have been made with over the counter crèmes. If you are pregnant or body building, consult with your doctor to begin a preventative treatment for stretch marks.

Diet - Maintain healthy hydrated skin by drinking plenty of water. Hydrated skin keeps your skin soft, supple, and less likely to develop stretch marks. Caffeinated coffee, tea, and soda tend to dehydrate the skin leaving you more vulnerable to stretch marks. Eat foods that promote skin health such as foods high in zinc, vitamins A, C, and D, and protein rich foods.

Remember that not all stretch marks are created equal. They age and heal differently depending on the skin type, heredity, diet, and hydration. In time, they will fade, but the best advice is to maintain healthy skin, which will minimize the effects of stretch marks if they should occur.


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Travel 700 Genius Mouse

We might take for granted about our computer mouse. We usually use the mouse that is coming with our PCs... or for some of you having a laptop, you will just buy a small size mouse that looks cute or corporate. At least that was I did before.

However, after more than 10 years working with computers, I finally realized that I needed a better mouse than I can comfortable to work with. The mouse should be efficient and easy to use so that my time in browsing the screen is reduced.

I bought this Travel 700 Genius Mouse 2 years ago. Even I have to spend more that the usual price of mouse, I loooooove it very much. The design is so simple so that I can comfortable working with it. The clicking is perfect so that I can apply simple pressure if I want to click something. This optical mouse is easy to be cleaned because of the simple design. No complaint from my side after using this mouse for over 2 years.

If you have more budget, this mouse is even better:

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Kettler Exercise Ball

Since I was staying in an apartment, I was looking for an exercise tool that can help me doing exercise. Actually, I just want a simple exercise on my stomach. Sit-up is the most simple, but sometimes I got lazy just doing a sit-up.

Before I tried some products like Abs-roller or anything similar like it, but in the end, I did not see the benefit because it is just the same like lying on our back and have your feet gripped/locked on something.

Last month, I tried to buy a kettler exercise ball. It only costed me $18. The diameter is 65 cm. Just enough for my size. It came with a pump so I don't need to blow it by myself.. hehehe. The problem is that I did not know until when I needed to stop pumping it. There is no guide or what so ever. So.. It just felling when to stop pumping it.

Trying for several days, I liked it so much because it is motivated me to do exercise. Nothing special actually with this exercise ball, but the feeling that you are not lying down on the floor while doing sit-ups made me motivated. Also, I was also trying push-up using this ball. I liked to do push up with this ball because I can adjust my weight when doing a push-up. If I wanted to start with small weight on my push-ups, I just need to roll the ball little bit on the middle of my body.. for example: just on my stomach. If I wanted to put more weights on my push-ups, I just roll the ball on my thigh area or knee. It is very flexible. The same technique I can do for sit-ups and other exercise.

Lastly, I liked to stretch myself on the ball as it can really help me during the morning. I am curious to search more on the internet other positions or exercise that use this ball. Unfortunately, the exercise guide that comes with the product is not informative enough. Some of the description and the picture are not understandable by me. Or it is just me.. hehehe. Anyway, I will try searching other exercise on the internet using this ball.

Here's another product to help you stretching:

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Filla Futsal Shoes

filla shoes
Well... I am not a big fan of futsal, but, when I saw this shoes on sale, I bought them. Beside the price that only $15, I really like the color. Black with red strips. Upon trying them, I got lucky that I got my size (42).

Next days, I used them a lot for walking. On the first tried, I still felt a little weird on my feet because it is a little bit tight. Hehehe.... of course it was tight because it was designed for a futsal. Nevertheless, I became getting comfortable day after day. Now, I like to wear them for walking.

What a deal I got. $15 for my walking shoes :D
Another deal from Filla:

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Trimble Recon XC

This Trimble HandHeld is one of the affordable yet giving good accuracy of GPS. However, when you developed your own program to gather GPS, do not forget to set the minimum satellite into 4. If not, this HHU can work with only 2 satellite available. With 2 satellite, you can have significant error.

Before buying this kind of HHU, make sure you get the latest product with GPS card that can be used for post processed data. With post processed, you can even improve the accuracy of the GPS position into 0.3 - 2 meters.

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