What you need to know about Land Rover series I and II

Planning to buy old models of Land Rover?   I would suggest you acquire this book that discuss in details about Land Rover series I and II.  With detailed color photographs and informative text, you will be aware of each model’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Learn about it, know how to check your Land Rover and the future maintenance costs.

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Ubuntu 12.04 brightness reseted to zero after reboot

After a day using Ubuntu 12.04 on my Acer Aspire 4530, I noticed that every time I reboot, the brightness setting is reseted to zero.  Initially, I thought that there is a problem again between Ubuntu and my NVIDIA driver.

Googling showed that many users encountered the same issue like me, especially laptop users.

There are several tips that I tried... but none are working.  Anyway, I'll share the tips here because it might work on you guys.

Solution 1:
1. Open Terminal
2. run the following command to edit the content of grub
  sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
3. modify the line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT so that it will look like below:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"
4. save and exit
5. run the following command to update grub
    sudo update-grub
6. restart ubuntu with the following command
    sudo restart

Some users were having their problem fixed with solution 1.  But now mine.  Thus, i tried other solution

Solution 2:
1. Adjust the brightness that you like.
2. Open Terminal
3. Find the value of your current brightness by running the following command
    cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness
    If you encounter the error "cat: /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness: No such file or directory".... it means that your brightness setting is not in acpi_video0 folder.  You can find the correct folder by running the command below.
     ls /sys/class/backlight/*/brightness
     now you can run again the 'cat' command using proper folder.  In my case, the command looks like below
     cat /sys/class/backlight/acer-wmi/brightness
     The 'cat' command will return a numeric value which is the value of your current brightness.  Remember that value. Let say the value is 7.
4. Run the following command to edit the content of rc.local

  sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
5. Add the following command below just above 'exit 0'
    echo 7 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness
    where 7 is the value of your current brightness
    In my case since the folder of acpi_video0 is different, then, the command becomes
    echo 7 > /sys/class/backlight/acer-wmi/brightness
6. save and exit7. restart ubuntu with the following command
    sudo restart

Does it fix your problem?  Well, not in my case.
Then, I do trial and error and apply solution 3.

Solution 3:
1. Follow Solution 2 from step 1 to 4.
2.Add the following command below just above 'exit 0'
    echo 7 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness
    sleep 10
    echo 7 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness
    where 7 is the value of your current brightness and asumming acpi_video0 is the correct folder.
3. save, exit, and restart ubuntu

Magic.... it solves my problem.  This solution 3 might not be the optimum solution.  But as long it solves my problem.  I will stick to it at the moment.  Hope it can help you guys as well.

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Ubuntu and NVIDIA issue - blue colored video

I have just installed my other laptop (Acer Aspire 4530) installed with Ubuntu 12.04.  Everything seemed to be OK until I installed NVIDIA driver v173.  All my video are appeared to have too much blue color.

After googling it, there are some many discussion about it.  Either blaming the player, NVIDIA, or the user himself.

Well.... finally I found a good tip that can solve my issue.  It was mentioned that the HUE setting that is coming by default it too high.  Thus, just need to change it.

How to change?

1.  Open "NVIDIA X Server Settings".
2. Go to "X Sercer XVideo Settings"
3. in "HUE" box, type -1
4. Enter, and Quit with save changes.

Whoala.... my video is perfect now.

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How to unlock iPhones 3G

iPhones 3G that was released last 11 June was bundled with AT&T providers. There have been many attempts to create a software that would be able to unlock the iPhones 3G so that it can be used with other GSM cards. "iPhone Dev team" has been working on find the ways to unlock the phone.

Some Brazilian teams have been releasing the iPhone 3G video proof on unlocking the phone. I read a blog as well that has been promoting a iPhone 3G unlocking software. Well, it seems that the developer has been better and better in predicting the locking rules/validations.

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How to transfer video from Youtube to iPhone

For you iPhone users that are youtube or google video addict, you might want to transfer the videos into you iPhone to view it offline. You can do it by using the third party software. I have seen someone post the Youtube to iPhone transfer Software.

It is free to try. But ofcourse you need to pay a little money for full capabilities after trying it. Anyway, it is always good to try before buying. Get the software.

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Webcam gives blank screen on my YM

I use my friend's laptop that is having embedded webcam in the top of the monitor. I wanted to use yahoo messenger (YM) with webcam but it just give me a blank screen. The other party that is viewing my webcam says the same.

Curious with what is happening, I tried to open skype and broadcast the webcam. It is no problem. Anybody in the skype can see me. So what is going on??? It is not because of the webcam... it must be something with the ym.

I look in ym support and says that one of the reason is because lack of light. Webcam is very sensitive and therefore it could give a blank display if lack of lights. Naaa.... it works with my skype. Afterwards, I found the site where I can test my webcam for compatibility with ym. It is here: how to test my webcam. It still does not work. However that pages tells me:

Where's the Contact Customer Care button? With so many improvements to Messenger since the version you're using (lots more features and reliability), we figured you're ready to move up. So get your upgrade and with the new version, rest assured if you have questions, you’ll find that friendly button on its help pages.

I tried to upgrade to ym 8.1 and it works. If not, I do not know what to do anymore. Maybe trying to check for webcam drivers.

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Push your subordinate to the limit

I was talking to one of my colleagues that I can trust on. He was giving me tons of advise in the work. I admired his experiences being in the different project in different countries. Our conversation was about how I felt that I had a subordinate that some of his works are done by me and I was complaining a little about it.

My friend told me that it was my fault. I created a work environment that making my subordinate comfortable with his current tasks. Any additional tasks that are given to him would result into complaints. And all of these were my fault. My friend added that it is a human nature that are reluctant to a change. He gave an example that during weekend without plan, he will fell tired and just want to stay at home. If all of the sudden, your son or spouse ask you to do something, you will be reluctant to do it. This applies as in work environment.

In summary, my fried told me to impose additional tasks to my subordinates with proper planning. Adding the task step by step with proper planning will result into less resistance. And the additional tasks will become his daily routine that he will be comfortable with. My friend added "If your sub-ordinate complains, just disregard it and push him to the limit. Tell who the boss is!".

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