Images hosted in photobucket is out of limit

I used a theme from B-theme and all the images are hosted in Photobucket. Unfortunately, photobucket gives a limit for free images hosting. Due to many people are using this template, the bandwidth excesses the limit.

Well, I am still waiting a response from the theme creator if he/she will give the images that we could host ourselves. Otherwise, I might change the theme to avoid this problem again. The theme is well designed, I like it. But I have no choice if the theme maker could not give any solution on this problem.

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Nasi Goreng Special

Wow.... I miss nasi goreng (fried rice) all of the sudden. I used to buy nasi goreng from the walking vendor (abang-abang) that passes by in front of my house. If you notice it, it seems to be easy to make it. Just fry chopped garlic, onions and put rice with "kecap manis" (sweet soy sauce). But when I try to make it my own, the taste is very different. Well, maybe the seller puts more vetsin/msg/any flavoring... hehehe....

To make it special, nasi goreng is usually served with fried egg, and "emping" (cracker from melinjo seed).

Wikipedia defined nasi goreng as:

Nasi goreng is the Indonesian version of fried rice - that is what it means in Bahasa Indonesia. The dish is often accompanied by additional items such as a fried egg, fried chicken, satay, or krupuk (fried crackers / chips made of shrimp or vegetables). In many restaurants, when accompanied by a fried egg, it is sometimes called the nasi goreng special.

Below is the pic of nasi goreng that I liked :D ... hmmm.. looks yummy right?

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Google Earth Version 4.2

Today I finally upgraded my Google Earth into ver. 4.2. At first running of updated Google Earth application, I noticed the "Show tips" at the start up and it is saying"

Tip: Viewing the sky

New in version 4.2: explore stars, constellations, planets, galaxies and more. To view these objects, click View > Switch to Sky or the Sky button:
New in version 4.2: explore stars, constellations, planets, galaxies and more. To view these objects, click View > Switch to Sky or the Sky button:
Display or hide these objects by checking items in the Layers panel. Click a placemark in the 3D viewer to learn more about an object.
Learn more about viewing the sky in Google Earth »

Well.... so far, I am not interested to view the sky and other galaxies... hehehe.. In any case, I just keep the show tips to appear every time I run the application just to know what I am missing in the new version.

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Too many frauds out there... check their reviews!

You might notice that there are a lot of online casinos websites are present! Most of them are doing aggressive campaign in advertising. They are willing to pay some money to search engine experts to have their site are having high ranking in search engine results. However, it is true as well that some of them are fraud online casinos. Either they just exist to steal your credit card details or they control the algorithm so that in the end, you might not win. Even if the probability to win you computed is greater, but you tend to loose.

That is why a site like online casino topic comes into a picture. This site gives reviews to existing online casinos to make players more comfortable to play online. They monitor each activities from online casinos to separate the good from bad ones. Online casino are supposed to entertain us during our leisure time. And online casino topic will try to ensure the fair play and detect fraud.

The site is also informative enough for beginner because it give an informative page on how to play the game. The rules are explained in easy documentation for us to understand. Try to spend time reading the review before you choose. Some of them are even giving bonuses for you to play with.

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Pagudpud other interesting sites

Pagudpud located in North of Philippines (Ilocos Norte) is well known of its beach. Pagudpud was named because during old days, most of the area should be travelled by foot. Most of local people will say "Pagud" - tiring and "Pudpud" - the sandal would tear off. I am not sure if it 100% true, my friend from Philippines just told me that.

However, aside from the white beaches, it is also a town with many art crafts. I like d the most when I visited the pottery place, where I can see a "burnay" in the making. Pic below is when a "manong" - old man was molding a pot. Insteresting huh?

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