Lembang Tea Walk

Year 2008 is the year of Visit Indonesia. Most of tourists know Indonesia because of Bali. However, there are many other places worth visiting in Indonesia. In you are business man and visit Jakarta, I could mention some areas near Jakarta that you could visit on weekends without traveling to far from Jakarta.

One of the place is Lembang. Lembang is near Bandung, it is about 150km from Jakarta. With the Cipularang High Way, you could reach it easily in 2 hours. Lembang is well known for it's nature scene. You can enjoy the beauty of tea plantations. You can ask around to find some waterfalls in Lembang. It is worth visiting to chill out and escape from your daily routines.

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Windy Sahara

Sahara desert is very nice place to visit. This is my third time going to sahara desert. The only difference is that my third visit was on January. It was not a good time to go there, but I wanted to experience sahara in "winter". I wore a winter cloth because it is cold and windy.

I went with my 2 other friends and we stopped at the border of sahara to have lunch. While cooking, we had noticed that the wind is so strong. I can feel already sands in my mouth every time I open my mouth to talk.

After lunch, we decided to go deep into the desert. Well, it is not so deep because we already feel that the wind blown hard. It was even difficult for us to open our eyes because all the sands were blowing directly to our eyes. We needed to find places in high sand dunes so that the effect of sand flying is reduced.

It was really a different experience being in sahara dunes during windy seasons. Although we could not to sit down and make a tea in sahara desert, we really enjoyed being there and feel windy sahara.

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Just Curious of This Service

A friend of mine this his affiliate link to register in this 1on4 site. The site basically provides free services to help your site in search engine for your chosen keywords. What's the catch? Nothing actually from the info I read in the site. They are now still in beta. That is why they offer free services and it will end until end of March 2008.

After March 2008, the company will open the keywords for bidding. The highest bid will enjoy the luxury of services that the company tried to offer. To make No 1 in 40 search engine based on keywords provided. The company states that it will not charge the customer if they can not provide what they have promised.

Well, for me... it is nothing loss to try. I have submitted one of my sites and I would like to see the results. If you want to try, you can join free using my affiliate link. At least I can use some of the credits to bid after end of March 2008.

Click here to join. (aff)

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