Windy Sahara

Sahara desert is very nice place to visit. This is my third time going to sahara desert. The only difference is that my third visit was on January. It was not a good time to go there, but I wanted to experience sahara in "winter". I wore a winter cloth because it is cold and windy.

I went with my 2 other friends and we stopped at the border of sahara to have lunch. While cooking, we had noticed that the wind is so strong. I can feel already sands in my mouth every time I open my mouth to talk.

After lunch, we decided to go deep into the desert. Well, it is not so deep because we already feel that the wind blown hard. It was even difficult for us to open our eyes because all the sands were blowing directly to our eyes. We needed to find places in high sand dunes so that the effect of sand flying is reduced.

It was really a different experience being in sahara dunes during windy seasons. Although we could not to sit down and make a tea in sahara desert, we really enjoyed being there and feel windy sahara.