Lembang Tea Walk

Year 2008 is the year of Visit Indonesia. Most of tourists know Indonesia because of Bali. However, there are many other places worth visiting in Indonesia. In you are business man and visit Jakarta, I could mention some areas near Jakarta that you could visit on weekends without traveling to far from Jakarta.

One of the place is Lembang. Lembang is near Bandung, it is about 150km from Jakarta. With the Cipularang High Way, you could reach it easily in 2 hours. Lembang is well known for it's nature scene. You can enjoy the beauty of tea plantations. You can ask around to find some waterfalls in Lembang. It is worth visiting to chill out and escape from your daily routines.



March 14, 2008 at 2:48 AM

Its been long time i go to lembang. How is it looks like now?

Is it still cool there?