Shopping Cart for Online Store

Recently, I was contacted by one of my friends who wants to setup his online store. He has been having a furniture store and really eager to expand the business online. He is one of the smart friends I have and I know that he can learn to build his online store.

However, I recommend him not to build the site by his own. It will take a precious time for him to do these details while he can focus on other things. I was telling him that building the sites could be easy, but to integrate the shopping cart and to resolve technical problems (if any) could be time consuming. Not to mention that the Search Engine Optimization method that he should implement.

There were many ecommerce software available online and affordable. This software comes with shopping cart that is integrated to the site. It will be time saving and my friend could focus on marketing the product online.

One example of shopping cart software is Ashop. Ashop gives total solution from site template that we can personalized, free emails, shopping chart, and the most important is 128 bit SSL checkout security. Security is one of the top priority to kept the customer fell safe doing online transaction.

In addition, the vendor gives full fraud alerts and web promotion services for the site. I tell my friend to give a try on this product. At least he can try the 10 day free trial to test if it fits of what he plans to have in his online store. If he likes it, he can start investing on the total solution in affordable monthly payment and focus on the product marketing instead of building the online store.