4 More Years To Pay My Mortgages

I am not a bit updated with financial news, but last month news were populated with the down of stock that were caused by mortgage related problem in US. Why does it affect the stocks? I just assume that problematic of mortgage payments showed an indication of slower market in the region.

It reminds me about my house mortgage that I am currently paying monthly. It is still going to me an expenses for next 4 years. So far, I am always on time in paying my Commercial Mortgages. And I am assuring to have saving at least to pay my 6 next payments in advance. Just to make sure that If I am forced to leave the company immediately. This will give me take to find new job without big pressures.

I was reading a new related to home owners were treated unfairly on mortgage news. What interesting about that article is some mortgage companies still charge fees for customers that already in bad credits. How can they afford to pay more fees that in the first place they have been having problems paying the mortgage? To be objective as well on the topic, I have seen that some people really put their income to the limit. Taking Commercial Mortgages without properly plan the income and expenses can be quite a burden in the long run. We are always going to face some unexpected expenses like medical bills, education bills, etc.

My point is that plan ahead and wise about your mortgage, so that you can still enjoy the travels like me :D