Outsource the technology and focuss on your business

4 years ago, I was working on the company that is having an IT outsourcing project on a huge retail company. I was still could not understand why such big company had to outsource some shopping cart development to another company. One day, I met one of the top executive from that electricity and I shot him with a question that had been bugling my mind. He smile and replied to me. "I know that hiring directly some IT employees to do the job can be cheaper. But that is not our line of business. I need to spend more on recruiting activities, understanding the technology, training the employees, have another team to do quality check, and many more cost that would arise for building IT team". We just want to focus on our business.

That statement opened my mind. I understand now why many outsourcing companies are having more and more projects. With related to Shopping cart software for example, I found this site ashop is offering a similar services. It has a ecommerce software that are ready to be implement at no time. The light package that costs only $49 per month is giving a total solutions for companies that would like to start promoting and sell their product online. This is even a lot way cheaper than hiring an employee to do the job for it.