Blue Lagoon in Malta

If you never heard Malta, it is a country located in Mediterranean Sea, just between Italy (South of Europe) and Libya (North Africa). Based on Wikipedia, this small country has 404,039 population. However, as I heard from people there, the population can grow up to 500,000+ in summer. Well, basically because tourist visiting this Maltese island for holidays.

2 years ago when I visited Malta in summer I saw many students from Spain, Italy, France and other European countries spend their summer in Malta. Aside from spending summer vacation there, they would like to practice their English as well because Malta is well known as English speaking country in Europe (aside from UK of course). Even some of the students had their summer classes in Malta sponsored by the government of their origin country.

One of the tourist attraction in Malta is the Blue Lagoon beach. It is located a tiny island roughly half way between Malta and Gozo. I took a small boat that travels every 30 mins to the Blue Lagoon. The beach is beautiful and very clean. It is jam packed with people who want to enjoy the blue water beach there. Just like other European beaches, women are wearing minimum (two piece) bikini to expose more their self to the sun.


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May 10, 2011 at 9:25 AM

As far as I concern, Mediterranean Sea had many beautiful and romantic beaches where couples can make romance with each other.