Why I just know it now? Adidas Batik

adidas batik jacketadidas batik cap2 days ago, I got an forwarded email about this Adidas Batik. What really interest me is how Adidas incorporate the batik design into sporty look. Batik is usually related to something traditional from Indonesia. But Adidas really makes it stands out for batik sporty looks.

I was looking at the images and it was written small below the image "FRESHMAG.COM". Curious of those adidas batik product, I was opening the site. To my surprise, that site was talking about these adidas batik products on October 2006. Whheeew... it is sooo old products... but why I just knew it now? Freshmag site was referring to a link in overkillshops. I really wanted to know the price and if it suits my budget, I would like to have the cap and jacket. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the products anymore even if I have searched their archives.

Well, I tried gooling a while but with no luck to get the prices. If some of you know where I can check the price and order these adidas batik product, please let me know. Thanks!


Adidas Trainers

September 8, 2008 at 1:47 AM

Nice blog here, love that cap !!!