Do your homework to choose Webhosting

I have been buying domains to practice my web skills during my leisure time. When I bought the domain, I need to have a hosting service as well to store all of my files to be published on the domain. At the beginning, I used to buy cheap domain. You will not image that with only $10/year, I could have a hosting service with more than 1G storage. After sometime, I started to realize that the hosting is slow in certain time. To make it even worst, some period it was down. I could not access my site and my files stored in their hosting. I tried to contact their support but I only received a reply after waiting 4 days. What a support? But at the back of my mind, I said "What can I expect from a very cheap service!"

Starting from that moment, I learn my lessons. I move on with another hosting. Even it is not as cheap as my previous hosting, I could find affordable price with great reliability and support. Try to googling to find a guide to web hosting . Read the articles and the feedback from the customers. It is always better not to read the customer testimonial from their page. Find the customer comments on the forum by googling the company name.

After doing your home work, I hope you can find best web hosting that fit your budget and requirement. Aaah by the way, before buying the services from them, it is advisable to contact them just to inquiry something. This will test if they respond to you promptly. If they have a live support, try it.



March 27, 2008 at 4:08 AM

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