Interactive Advertising

I have seen many ads in the sites with interesting moving images stored in gif files. Some are also putting video advertising to give more duration to the movie ad. But this could slow down the ad being displayed in the site or blogs.

What interest me is the ads that I have seen recently. Well, I might have seen that a long time a go but did not bother to notice it. Until recently I had nothing to do and start looking at the ads. It surprises me that the ad were interacting with my mouse movement and clicks. The ad was basically saying me to do some mouse movement and clicks to reach a goal. To give you a concrete example, I saw an ad that told me to move the airplane (inside the ad area) and shot the missiles. When I move my mouse over the ad area, the airplane moves as well. And if i press a click, it fires. Hehehe... I played a little until finally I reach the end and my browsers open a new window saying a congratulation. Of course, after that congratulation, there are some sales page that the company wants to sell.

Overall, I like the idea of interactive ad. It gives a user to notice the ad longer and try to read the sales letter afterwards. Good job you... advertiser.