97e3613 contest result s so far

I joined 97e3613 SEO contest to understand a little bit how to rank high in SERP. It is easy to monitor keyword 97e3613 because not so many sites or blogs are having this keyword. Well, now there are a lot and makes the 97e3613 contest challenging. It is also an opportunity for me to monitor and see how the movement in SERP for 97e3613.

I put a post about 97e3613 on Oct 18 and went straight ahead taking position no 1 in google SERP. It stayed number 1 only for 2-3 days because afterwards many people are joining the contest and my position is keep on moving down.

A week after I read that a person has been registering a domain using 97e3613 as 97e3613 Ltd(I do not put a link as he/she got a link already in my blog comments about 97e3613) as keyword. He or she is putting also 97e3613.html and a lot of words related to 97e3613. I am not sure if he/she did it to join the contest or not. Anyway, This resulted into no 1 in google SERP for 97e3613 keyword. Even until today, that website is still no 1 even if he/she not updating like anymore. It seems that static website overtake blogs so far since that static site mentions a lot about 97e3613 keywords. Blog post with little 97e3613 keyword can overtake that static page, but only for several days until 97e3613 Ltd overtake again no 1 position. Well, this is just my observation as of today, we will see how it goes in the end of contest to know better what factors bring up a site or blog rank high in a certain keyword.

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Review on Top USA Online Casinos Website

Top USA online casinos is not just an ordinary online gambling website. It provides informations specially for US players to choose right online casinos.

It would be better if the statement "Reviews of Online Casinos that Accept
US Players." is modified a little bit to make it more stand out. Just to inform visitor right away that the website is about giving information for Best Online Casinos. Most of the time, people are very careful in choosing online poker or casino website. If it is sometime unknown, they will close the window immediately. I am sure that the owner of Top USA online casinos does not want to be mistaken as another online casinos website affiliates.

Overall, the website is clean in design so that readers can read the whole informations without distraction. I like that the webmaster opens new window or tab every time I click on the banner. This way, I could be able to refer back to where I was reading when I clicked on the banner. Here's the site on the site that I review on my blogpost http://www.topusaonlinecasinos.com/

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Rain is nothing! It doesn’t make me sick! I just need $1

When I was traveling by car in the city, the rain started to drops. I was stucked in the traffic and watching out from the window of my car. Not long from the time where the rain started, I saw the children were running out from the small alleys on the side of the main road. They were running with a closed umbrella on the hand.

They are what we call “Umbrella Jockey” in our city. They bring an umbrella and lend it to someone who needs it at the cost of $0.1 - $0.5. People usually borrow the umbrella and paid it just to pass by from building to building. Or just to go to the taxi from the building terrace without getting wet. The children will follow the person under the rain.

What interest me is how the children seem do not care when they are totally wet under the rain. I always remember when I was child that my mom always told me not to play on the rain because it can make me sick. But these children, they seemed not to care. The rain is nothing for them; it will not make them sick. They just need $1 before the rain stops!

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My Blog got PageRank (PR) 4

I did not realize that my blog now has PR4. I just read in the forum that Google is finally uploading the PR data to most data centers recently to update all PRs. After reading the forum, I checked my blog. Surprisingly for me, I got PR4 :D

To those who still does not know what PR is, you can try reading it at wikipedia page rank. The summary is that the higher your PR, the higher your popularity in term of Google Page Rank algorithm. For some webmaster, PR means nothing! The important is site traffic and how the traffic converts into cash. Well, they are right. But I am personally happy this this PR update because it means something for a beginner like me who just started to make this blog 3 months ago.

So, what did I do for the last 3 months to have my PR increased from PR0 to PR4?

1. I did exchange links to related websites or blogs. Many said that exchanging link with related site with higher PR will surely increase my PR. But I did not find many of high PR blogs wanted to exchange links with my PR0 blog. So, I did exchanges with mostly PR0 as well. Some are kind enough to give me link from their high PR blogs.

2. I put comments on blogs with DOFOLLOW and high PR. They remove the NOFOLLOW attribute because they believe to give rewards to pass a little PR juice to commentators. Ofcourse, do not spam the comments. I always read their posts and only comment when I understand the topics and wanted to comment. In the end, I kept coming to their sites and becoming their loyal readers. We became friends. One of them even put a post link to my site. Thanks mates. My blog is also now has DOFOLLOW attribute.

My task now to keep and even increase my blog PR further. So, those are the two major things that I did the last 3 months. Nothing specials and nothing fancy. I am sure you can do the same :D

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Unique Idea where the Lowest Unique Bid Wins

Online bidding is becoming so popular in the internet. Even for small prices of products, you can find it on the online bidding or online Sweepstake. The reason of bidding becoming so popular is because it simple follows the rule of supply and demands. When the supply is rare and the demand is high, it will receive more bids with higher price.

But have you heard in online bidding where the lowest bid wins? It is true, in Bid4Prizes, the lowest bidder will win the prices. So, what is the catch? No catch at all. One thing that you should remember that your lowest bid should be unique. For example, if there are two people bid for Apple I-Phone for $1, then the system will look for the next price which is $2. If there are only 1 person bid for $2, then he/she is the winner. It is so easy to bid or can I say “play”. You might get Free gifts also.

Did I say Apple I-Phone? Yes, the products for bidding are not cheap and low quality products. You can even see cars, High Definition TV, and any other electronics, vacation packages, and Cash prize for bidding. If you still do not understand the concept of reverse-auction game, try to look the 2-minute video tutorial in Bid4Prizes.

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Finishing the basic learning to create WP theme

Ok! Now I have finished the tutorials on WP theme, and below is the results. Nothing to be proud of because of its simplicity. But I am proud to myself that finally I got motivated to start learning it step by step. The print screen below is the theme without single image/graphic incorporated. It is just pure coding of colors. I will try to learn designing it with better graphics once I now the basic codes now.

In the process of learning to code the theme, I also learn the basics of php and css styling. I think I love the css styling process instead of table format that the old html used to have. With css styling, I could be more imaginative and easily modify the layout of website or WP blog theme.

Next step for me is to design WP theme using photoshop and code if after finishing the design. I challenge myself to finish them in 2 week aside my regular tasks at work and chores at home :D. The count starts today!

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Eat well before you travel

It seems like a usual tips that our parents tell us before we go on travel. But today, I experience the pain myself because not eating well before traveling by car. And the worst thing is that I am only traveling in the city!!!

Yup, I never thought that traveling in the city could be such pain in the ass. It was really happening to me yesterday. I needed to visit some areas in the field and I did not take my breakfast seriously. We went from one place to another by car. What makes it different was that the road is not paved yet. It is just land streets that makes our cars bumping all the way along our travels. The first hour of travel was a nightmare. I started to feel a headache and an ill felling on my stomach. Finally, I decided to tell the driver to stop over and have some food. But I think I was too late, after eating and rest a while, I still feel the headache and stomach problems.

Whoaahh.. I had the feeling of this even for the rest of the day. The good thing is that I feel better today when I woke up. Piuhhh!

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Result of my blog theme after 2 days

As mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to learn to create a blog theme in wordpress. Here is the result after learning it in 2 days during my leisure time. Well, around 1-2 hours per day for the last 2 days I think.

Does not look like a template? hehehe.... it is just starting man, please bear with me. I just finished learning the basic codes that should be present in creating wordpress blog theme. Not yet in the design phase.

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Trying to learn to Create WP Blog theme

The idea has came long way ago but I keep on postponing it. Now I am decided to start learning how to create WP Blog theme on my own during my leisure time. I hope I can learn it fast. When I was googling, I found this tutorial in the 1st page. I think I am going to learn from his tips, thanks for sharing mate. I try to post what I learn so that I can keep track also my learning curve. Wish me luck guys.

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97e3613 contest. Does 97e3613 make sense to you?


97e3613 could be a non-sense word for you. Well, I am using that number to join the SEO Contest 97e3613 run by my friend. The goal is to rank number 1 in google search for term 97e3613. I am not a SEO expert, so I will just try this for fun. He was saying that SEO trick is allowed.. hehee.. I dont even know how to trick this 97e3613 to become high in SERP.

97e3613 monitoring

I will try to monitor this 97e3613 for few days. While joining this contest, I am sure I am going to learn about SEO in the process.

97e3613 means. Is it true?

EDIT: one of the comments from this blogpost told me that 97e3613 is the largest number found by 97e3613 Ltd. I am still confused what does it mean and what it is going to benefit for us after reading their 97e3613 site. Maybe I should re-read it again in the morning, not now when I am already sleepy reading about that magic number 97e3613 :P

97e3613 results as of 31 October

EDIT: Results as of 31 October can be seen at my blogpost 97e3613 contest results so far. I got kicked-out from the fist page. Let us see if the cheat treat below works (by puting more 97e3613 keyword):

97e3613 keyword populating

This 97e3613 is only a test 97e3613 trying to put more 97e3613 keyword in the blogpost 97e3613. The 97e3613 Ltd is still in 97e3613 no 1 for SERP. Even 97e3613 is static site 97e3613 but it has a lot of 97e3613 keyword. Even in 97e3613 the domain and as well as 97e3613 file name.

Do 97e3613 you get dizzy reading 97e3613 this edited 97e3613 blog post? hehehe.. just 97e3613 try to ignore 97e3613 while reading this post 97e3613. Do not 97e3613 follow 97e3613 this strategy of putting a lot of 97e3613 keyword for your 97e3613 other keyword. This is 97e3613 only a test since human-01 is 97e3613 also allowing us to experiment 97e3613 in this seo 97e3613 contest.

Once contest 97e3613 is finished, I will remove 97e3613 this edited post 97e3613. In the meantime 97e3613 I will monitor 97e3613 if this trick can bring 97e3613 me back to the fist page 97e3613 of SERP. Contest 97e3613 is ending soon. If 97e3613 I am not mistaken, it will 97e3613 be over on 17 Nov. Good luck 97e3613 to all participants of 97e3613 seo contest. I hope you 97e3613 can share how is your 97e3613 tactic to get high in 97e3613 SERP.

97e3613 contest is going to finish

EDIT: 16 NOV. 1 day before contest 97e3613 end. This blogpost raised up to the fist page again for 97e3613 search in google. It is now in the no. 3 for 97e3613. I was still not sure what makes it up again. Maybe because the 97e3613 keyword farming that I used above. It is really difficult to find the right or correct answers for 97e3613 serp. Maybe that is the reasons a lot of companies are offering their services for high in SERP... hehehe.... those company should join 97e3613 contest to prove themselves.

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Watching Transformer the Movie

I know that this Transformer movie has been long launched. Poor me that I just got a chance to watch it today. I remember 3 months ago when it was showing in the movie house near my house, it was jam packed with a long queue. I was deciding to watch other movie.

Today my friend came and brought with her this Transformer DVD. We were watching with some snacks (of course). The movie was great in general. The graphics were fantastic. I just confuse sometime which of which when they were fighting because the movements were so fast and the robots looked the same from some angle.

What sticked to my mind now is when the one of the autobots (I forgot his name) was fighting against Megatron. When the autobot was about to loose and was grabbed by Megatron, he kept saying "You want a piece of me, You want a piece of me" while firing at Megatron. Megatron said "No, I want two pieces of you" and ripping the autobot into two. Aww.. that's sad :(

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Paperclip Figurine

I am not the person who like to put figurines in my house. But this paperclip Figurine caught my attention when it was on display in small store in Singapore. I like the idea of making this figure from paper clips. Well, the original idea was to make the figurine from the used paper clips. As you know that trough time, the paper clips could not fasten the paper anymore and people will replace with new paper clips. These old paper clips are then collected and strigthen up to make it ready for figure collections.

But in those stores, the artists have been started to make paper clips figurine from new paper clips. Well, you can not blame him/her because maybe it is more difficult to find used paper clips :P

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Yahoo Mail is not BETA anymore

I think I just noticed yesterday that there is a little different with my yahoo mail layout. Ahhhaaa... it is not BETA anymore. I do not know when exactly they removed the BETA version but I just noticed it yesterday.. hehehe.. may I just do not pay attention enough on the layout.

If I have time, maybe I will take a look of what are the features my yahoo mail now since the BETA has been removed. Or it just the same... who knows. If you guys know something or like some of yahoo mail features, please share it with me here so that I can make the full benefit of the new features.

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I need to re-start my Asset Management

A long way ago, I have read the book of Robert Kiyosaki. It opened my eyes on how he gives an example of asset management. The major one is that he does not consider a property as an asset unless it gives back money from rent. We usually think that a property is an asset because it increase the value over the time. But we sometimes do not realize that the increase of values does not bring us any profit when we bought it using loans and the interest is higher. Not to mention that other expenses that we need to pay monthly or yearly for the property asset. Of course that the real estate agent will tell you the property is a good investment for your asset management. But try to do the computation yourself before taking any decisions.

In the book, I read how he manage the asset. It is not using any asset management software. In fact, I can do it in Excel. You do not need to attend asset management training to understand the concepts.

The bad thing was when I started to put some of my asset in my digital asset management excel, I got busy and loose track of it after several months. Well, busy should not be a reason.. because what i need is proper time management. Now, I am going to be back and restart my personal asset management.

Secured Loans

Compare 100s of secured loans
with Accepted.co.uk.



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Added my blog to BlogTopList

As part of announcing my blog to more readers, I have added my blog to BlogTopList website. Better late than never. If you like my posts, I would be thankful if you vote for my blog to rank it better in BlogTopList. Or just comment in my blog as I will dofollow you. Well, at least the search engine spider will follow it :D

Top Blogs

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Happy Eid Mubarak

To all my Muslim Friends,
`Wishing You a Very Happy Eid Mubarak 1428 H`
May the mercy & blessing`s of the Almighty be with us.

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CECT ELINK China Phone

My friend recently bought this PDA CECT ELINK Cellphone. I was playing around for a little bit. In general, it was a good cellphone with full functionality for the price. We will see after some time if the quality is great. At a first try, I like the dual sim GSM functionality and the wide PDA screen. It comes as well with the extra battery for CECT ELINK phone. Here are some specs that I got from the manufacturer of CECT ELINK.

3.0" LCD Tri Band PDA Dual Sim Card Camera GSM CECT ELINK Cell Phone
Unlocked; work with most of GSM network, dual sim card either select one for operation.

Body Dimension: 116 x 60 x 15mm ( 4.6" x 2.4" x 0.6" )
Network: Support GSM 900/1800/1900 mHz
Dual Sim: Two SIM card slot setup for call forward or either switch one
Display: 3.0" QVGA color LCD display with touch screen support hand write
Bluetooth: Support bluetooth 2.0 for stereo transaction and files browser
Camera: 1.3 Mega pixel camera
Languages: multi-languages English; France & Spainish etc...( see below picture )
Memory: Support T-Flash extension slot ( bundled 256M memory card )
PC Connection: USB 2.0
Battery: 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium battery
Weight: 123g ( 4.3 Ounces ) included battery
Colour: Black

Support SMS, MMS, WAP, GPRS, MP3, MP4, Text Reader, Photo & Video recording, Voice recording, Web cam, Mass storage, Caller group, Games and some application program like calculator, alarm, world clock, Unit conversion etc...
Long standby feature for a week
Two sim card slot working by auto call forward
2 speaker stereo sound best MP3 & MP4 playback

Inside the box:
Phone body
USB cable
Handfree Headset
Universal Charger
2pc 3.7v 1800mAh Lithium battery

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Change Template for DELPRO

I tried to change my template today. I am not very technical person, so this changing of template was taking me sometime. I made a back-up of the old template just in case the new one did not work. Well, it finally worked. A quick check of it, it seems ok. I hope I did not forget some things/widgets from my old template.

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Portable DVD player

The last few long travels by car at night, I got bored! Simply because I just sit at the back seat and I could not enjoy the side seeings. This is why I am thinking now to have a Portable player. I had searched quite some time to find the model that will suit me.

At first, I liked the idea of small screen Player with hard disk inside so it would come handy along with my travel. However, I realized that most of my movies are in DVD. It would take time to transfer all of them into hard disk. It would be difficult only to select some movies to transfer because I like to watch different movie genres depending on the mood. In addition, my friend suggested me a portable DVD player for practicality because my family can use them as well during daily traffic routines in the car.

Well, I am thinking now to buy portable 10 inch DVD player. The screen is not so small so that I can enjoy the movie during my trips. I will just bring with me my DVD album for different movie genres. Player that comes with TV tuner could be the best choice so that I can watch local news as well.

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Vitamin Supplements or Energy Drink?

Today, my friends and I hang out in a nice coffee shop while having friendly conversations. The topic went to whether it is better to have vitamin supplements or energy drinks? Well, that shows you that we did not have much topics to discuss, huh? hehehe.

My friend was telling me that he used to have energy drinks only when he needs to stay awake to finish some work. He can stay up 3 days straight without sleeping because he continuously consume energy drinks. Wow... that is something! I hope the quality of works is as good as the effect of energy drinks on him. He does not take it regularly because he is afraid of the "unconfirmed" side effects.

Vitamins supplements, on the other hand, is something that he takes regularly. But he makes sure that the ingredients are somehow natural.

That natural thing raise a question to myself. How do we know that the ingredients are natural as companies trying to declare their vitamin supplements as natural. Well, the simple guide below that I found in organic customer might help. Company can cheat by putting the descriptions below. That is why it is important as well to buy from the trusted company.

How can I read product labels to be able to determine if a particular vitamin or supplement is truly natural or synthetic?

If a vitamin/supplement product label uses words like "Food State", "Food Source", "Food Base", “All natural” , or “Organic”, can I assume that it truly is what it claims to be? There are quite a few companies that use this kind of labeling, but many of them are not being clear on their labels and other literature that they use a medium of fermented or mixture of foods that have been spiked with synthetic vitamins. Many products contain synthetic vitamins which are put into our supplements even though the label says "all natural." One easy way to tell is to look at the RDA. If the potency is higher than anything you would find in nature (example 1000% Daily Recommended Allowance of Vitamin C per serving), the product contains synthetically produced ingredients, no matter what the producer of that product might claim.

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Approved by Smorty

Few days ago when I checked my email, I found out that my blog is approved by Smorty. What is Smorty anyway? Smorty is a site that connects advertiser with bloggers. As a blogger like myself, I can get paid to blog reviewing the sites or products that advertisers put on Smorty. Isn't that cool? You get paid for blogging! I like the idea that I can select the offers that I want to review. At least I can just ignore advertisers that are not suitable to my blog. Or if I just do not have knowledge on the products that they offer. You can try to join at this site: Smorty

As for the advertisers, it is a great opportunities to advertise on blogs. Advertisers will get a real review from blog advertising. Surely, this can bring traffic from the blog readers. Aside from that, a link from the blogger's review will be indexed by search engines. Advertiser's site will be increased in term of popularity in search engine. Advertiser can choose the keywords or anchor texts that they want to focus on. In the end, it will impact into the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on your selected keywords.

Advertisers, try it yourself!

Smorty Blog Advertising

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Blogger in real life

It is all coincident when I got to meet the human's blog author. It is just so happened that I am in his country of resident when I put a comment on his blog. We met, talking about life and of course discussing some opportunities in market niche.

He is so young to be an expert in SEO optimizations. I have learned a lot from him just by 1 day. Well, it is actually 4 hours from 9pm to 1am. He and his rocker friends brought me the feeling of being young again. I am sure that in near future he will be one of the masters in internet business. No doubt about that.

Picture was taken by his Cect Elink China cellphone and edited using photoshop by wissam as well.

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