My Blog got PageRank (PR) 4

I did not realize that my blog now has PR4. I just read in the forum that Google is finally uploading the PR data to most data centers recently to update all PRs. After reading the forum, I checked my blog. Surprisingly for me, I got PR4 :D

To those who still does not know what PR is, you can try reading it at wikipedia page rank. The summary is that the higher your PR, the higher your popularity in term of Google Page Rank algorithm. For some webmaster, PR means nothing! The important is site traffic and how the traffic converts into cash. Well, they are right. But I am personally happy this this PR update because it means something for a beginner like me who just started to make this blog 3 months ago.

So, what did I do for the last 3 months to have my PR increased from PR0 to PR4?

1. I did exchange links to related websites or blogs. Many said that exchanging link with related site with higher PR will surely increase my PR. But I did not find many of high PR blogs wanted to exchange links with my PR0 blog. So, I did exchanges with mostly PR0 as well. Some are kind enough to give me link from their high PR blogs.

2. I put comments on blogs with DOFOLLOW and high PR. They remove the NOFOLLOW attribute because they believe to give rewards to pass a little PR juice to commentators. Ofcourse, do not spam the comments. I always read their posts and only comment when I understand the topics and wanted to comment. In the end, I kept coming to their sites and becoming their loyal readers. We became friends. One of them even put a post link to my site. Thanks mates. My blog is also now has DOFOLLOW attribute.

My task now to keep and even increase my blog PR further. So, those are the two major things that I did the last 3 months. Nothing specials and nothing fancy. I am sure you can do the same :D



October 28, 2007 at 4:32 AM

My blog webtools-desinet1.blogspot.com got PR4 from PR0.
Frankly speaking I was not expecting that.


March 8, 2008 at 5:00 AM

Reaching to PR4 in just 3 months is a wonderful job. You encouraged me now...


September 13, 2008 at 12:30 AM

Hi, That's great that you reached at PR4 in just few month , hey man can you give me tip that how you got PR4. I also want that my site UK online shoe become a high rank.Keep it up.