Eat well before you travel

It seems like a usual tips that our parents tell us before we go on travel. But today, I experience the pain myself because not eating well before traveling by car. And the worst thing is that I am only traveling in the city!!!

Yup, I never thought that traveling in the city could be such pain in the ass. It was really happening to me yesterday. I needed to visit some areas in the field and I did not take my breakfast seriously. We went from one place to another by car. What makes it different was that the road is not paved yet. It is just land streets that makes our cars bumping all the way along our travels. The first hour of travel was a nightmare. I started to feel a headache and an ill felling on my stomach. Finally, I decided to tell the driver to stop over and have some food. But I think I was too late, after eating and rest a while, I still feel the headache and stomach problems.

Whoaahh.. I had the feeling of this even for the rest of the day. The good thing is that I feel better today when I woke up. Piuhhh!



October 22, 2007 at 6:47 PM

always keep a dry meat in your pocket dude .