Unique Idea where the Lowest Unique Bid Wins

Online bidding is becoming so popular in the internet. Even for small prices of products, you can find it on the online bidding or online Sweepstake. The reason of bidding becoming so popular is because it simple follows the rule of supply and demands. When the supply is rare and the demand is high, it will receive more bids with higher price.

But have you heard in online bidding where the lowest bid wins? It is true, in Bid4Prizes, the lowest bidder will win the prices. So, what is the catch? No catch at all. One thing that you should remember that your lowest bid should be unique. For example, if there are two people bid for Apple I-Phone for $1, then the system will look for the next price which is $2. If there are only 1 person bid for $2, then he/she is the winner. It is so easy to bid or can I say “play”. You might get Free gifts also.

Did I say Apple I-Phone? Yes, the products for bidding are not cheap and low quality products. You can even see cars, High Definition TV, and any other electronics, vacation packages, and Cash prize for bidding. If you still do not understand the concept of reverse-auction game, try to look the 2-minute video tutorial in Bid4Prizes.



March 19, 2008 at 3:36 AM

depends on luck, like somebody get the n95 with only usd1.03, but somebody get nothing with usd200, this is depends their luck.

Mystarbid - The lowest unique bid website
Mystarbid is a website run by the Malaysian registered company and has four services center in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Mystarbid are where products are placed on auction with the following rules: Bidders are asked to place their bid, a bid which they think no one else will duplicate, and the successful bidder will be the one with the LOWEST UNIQUE BID.


Rick Marcus

December 13, 2008 at 10:59 AM

Online gambling is illegal in the US and this is definitely what this or other "lowest unique bid auctions" variations are (even if not yet busted by the authorities).

To be considered online gambling, you need 3 criterias:

1) A consideration. Here you pay to bid. It is like purchasing a lottery ticket and you are most likely to get nothing in exchange but 1 chance out of N to win.

2) A game of chance, which will determine who the winner is. While some may argue that bidding requires some skills and determinism, many states actually don't make any difference in their online gambling definition between skilled games and chance games. (Poker requires skills).

3) A Prize or the ability to win something of value. (or get nothing but wasting time and money).

This should be regulated as any other gambling business and not allowed to spread on greed and foolishness.

Many will pay to learn and eventually too much scam will kill this scam until a new variation or evolution of the scam comes around for new and fresh victims or short minded people.

Most scams are based on smart and sleek mechanisms. It does not make them right.

It reminds me of the guy that placed an ad in the news paper with:

How to become a millionaire?
Send 0.99 cents to receive the incredible secret. Success guaranteed or your money back.

I sent the 99 cents and received a letter saying: Just do like me! :-)

By the way, the stock market could fit the definition but at least it is supposed to be regulated. You pay, You Play and most of the time you loose.