Portable DVD player

The last few long travels by car at night, I got bored! Simply because I just sit at the back seat and I could not enjoy the side seeings. This is why I am thinking now to have a Portable player. I had searched quite some time to find the model that will suit me.

At first, I liked the idea of small screen Player with hard disk inside so it would come handy along with my travel. However, I realized that most of my movies are in DVD. It would take time to transfer all of them into hard disk. It would be difficult only to select some movies to transfer because I like to watch different movie genres depending on the mood. In addition, my friend suggested me a portable DVD player for practicality because my family can use them as well during daily traffic routines in the car.

Well, I am thinking now to buy portable 10 inch DVD player. The screen is not so small so that I can enjoy the movie during my trips. I will just bring with me my DVD album for different movie genres. Player that comes with TV tuner could be the best choice so that I can watch local news as well.



October 8, 2007 at 7:21 AM

it sounds cool, what about power ??
I mean does it have a car charger ??? make sure it have ..


October 9, 2007 at 11:46 AM

Yeah.. good thing you reminded me. I was always assumed that it comes with a car charger. But.. who knows.