Approved by Smorty

Few days ago when I checked my email, I found out that my blog is approved by Smorty. What is Smorty anyway? Smorty is a site that connects advertiser with bloggers. As a blogger like myself, I can get paid to blog reviewing the sites or products that advertisers put on Smorty. Isn't that cool? You get paid for blogging! I like the idea that I can select the offers that I want to review. At least I can just ignore advertisers that are not suitable to my blog. Or if I just do not have knowledge on the products that they offer. You can try to join at this site: Smorty

As for the advertisers, it is a great opportunities to advertise on blogs. Advertisers will get a real review from blog advertising. Surely, this can bring traffic from the blog readers. Aside from that, a link from the blogger's review will be indexed by search engines. Advertiser's site will be increased in term of popularity in search engine. Advertiser can choose the keywords or anchor texts that they want to focus on. In the end, it will impact into the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on your selected keywords.

Advertisers, try it yourself!

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