Rain is nothing! It doesn’t make me sick! I just need $1

When I was traveling by car in the city, the rain started to drops. I was stucked in the traffic and watching out from the window of my car. Not long from the time where the rain started, I saw the children were running out from the small alleys on the side of the main road. They were running with a closed umbrella on the hand.

They are what we call “Umbrella Jockey” in our city. They bring an umbrella and lend it to someone who needs it at the cost of $0.1 - $0.5. People usually borrow the umbrella and paid it just to pass by from building to building. Or just to go to the taxi from the building terrace without getting wet. The children will follow the person under the rain.

What interest me is how the children seem do not care when they are totally wet under the rain. I always remember when I was child that my mom always told me not to play on the rain because it can make me sick. But these children, they seemed not to care. The rain is nothing for them; it will not make them sick. They just need $1 before the rain stops!