Finishing the basic learning to create WP theme

Ok! Now I have finished the tutorials on WP theme, and below is the results. Nothing to be proud of because of its simplicity. But I am proud to myself that finally I got motivated to start learning it step by step. The print screen below is the theme without single image/graphic incorporated. It is just pure coding of colors. I will try to learn designing it with better graphics once I now the basic codes now.

In the process of learning to code the theme, I also learn the basics of php and css styling. I think I love the css styling process instead of table format that the old html used to have. With css styling, I could be more imaginative and easily modify the layout of website or WP blog theme.

Next step for me is to design WP theme using photoshop and code if after finishing the design. I challenge myself to finish them in 2 week aside my regular tasks at work and chores at home :D. The count starts today!