97e3613 contest result s so far

I joined 97e3613 SEO contest to understand a little bit how to rank high in SERP. It is easy to monitor keyword 97e3613 because not so many sites or blogs are having this keyword. Well, now there are a lot and makes the 97e3613 contest challenging. It is also an opportunity for me to monitor and see how the movement in SERP for 97e3613.

I put a post about 97e3613 on Oct 18 and went straight ahead taking position no 1 in google SERP. It stayed number 1 only for 2-3 days because afterwards many people are joining the contest and my position is keep on moving down.

A week after I read that a person has been registering a domain using 97e3613 as 97e3613 Ltd(I do not put a link as he/she got a link already in my blog comments about 97e3613) as keyword. He or she is putting also 97e3613.html and a lot of words related to 97e3613. I am not sure if he/she did it to join the contest or not. Anyway, This resulted into no 1 in google SERP for 97e3613 keyword. Even until today, that website is still no 1 even if he/she not updating like anymore. It seems that static website overtake blogs so far since that static site mentions a lot about 97e3613 keywords. Blog post with little 97e3613 keyword can overtake that static page, but only for several days until 97e3613 Ltd overtake again no 1 position. Well, this is just my observation as of today, we will see how it goes in the end of contest to know better what factors bring up a site or blog rank high in a certain keyword.



October 31, 2007 at 2:09 PM

You are so right, I knew more too from this experience, I also know that the guy knew that the contest will drive a lot of traffic so he decided to be the first, he didn't link back so he didn't join the contest officially, I will be taking the second position.