Watching Transformer the Movie

I know that this Transformer movie has been long launched. Poor me that I just got a chance to watch it today. I remember 3 months ago when it was showing in the movie house near my house, it was jam packed with a long queue. I was deciding to watch other movie.

Today my friend came and brought with her this Transformer DVD. We were watching with some snacks (of course). The movie was great in general. The graphics were fantastic. I just confuse sometime which of which when they were fighting because the movements were so fast and the robots looked the same from some angle.

What sticked to my mind now is when the one of the autobots (I forgot his name) was fighting against Megatron. When the autobot was about to loose and was grabbed by Megatron, he kept saying "You want a piece of me, You want a piece of me" while firing at Megatron. Megatron said "No, I want two pieces of you" and ripping the autobot into two. Aww.. that's sad :(