Kota Bunga Cipanas - Weekend Trip

Cipanas is located not far from Jakarta. It is only about 1-2 hour drive from Jakarta. However, if you caught in traffic, you might spend 3-4 hours. If you have been visiting Puncak, then Cipanas is right after Puncak if you drive from Jakarta. Cipanas usually becomes a top pick for Jakarta residents to have a weekend hang out. Located near pucak makes it is a cold place especially during mornings and nights.

What interesting in Cipanas is mostly because the villa complex or subdivision. Many developers build an exclusive subdivisions that are bought by middle and upper class to have a rest house in Cipanas area. Kota Bunga for example. Kota Bunga subdivision is designed with different architecture designs from around the world occupying a huge subvision in Cipanas. In weekend, you will find a lot of families, especially, with children are enjoying walking around this exclusive subdivision. They have even have many playgrounds with different designs to enjoy.


Dr. Badr

February 21, 2011 at 10:42 AM

I spent ten holidays in Indonesia five of them were in kota Bunga at cipanas. After visiting many countries around the world I think a holiday in Kota Bunga can not be compared to any one. The five holidays were the best thing that I have experienced in my whole life. In fact, I promised myself, my family, and my friends that we will nver go to any place but we will go only to kota Bunga at Cipanas during the coming holidays. Kota Bunga is a real paradise and I will fly only with Garuda my favourite Airlines and thank you for every thing. Dr. Badr, Y. H. A.