Ubuntu and NVIDIA issue - blue colored video

I have just installed my other laptop (Acer Aspire 4530) installed with Ubuntu 12.04.  Everything seemed to be OK until I installed NVIDIA driver v173.  All my video are appeared to have too much blue color.

After googling it, there are some many discussion about it.  Either blaming the player, NVIDIA, or the user himself.

Well.... finally I found a good tip that can solve my issue.  It was mentioned that the HUE setting that is coming by default it too high.  Thus, just need to change it.

How to change?

1.  Open "NVIDIA X Server Settings".
2. Go to "X Sercer XVideo Settings"
3. in "HUE" box, type -1
4. Enter, and Quit with save changes.

Whoala.... my video is perfect now.