How to eliminate spicy taste from your mouth without water

Have you ever faced a situation where you accidentally eat spicy food or snack and you can not find water to sooth the spicy taste from your tongue?

This usually happens when you are in the car and tried to eat some snack without water. Or it just happen that the water you have if not enough to eliminate the spicy odor in your mouth.

I am a fond of spicy food and I usually eliminate the spicy feeling in my mouth by drinking hot water. Yes... hot water, not cold water. Cold water is just relieving you in a while, after that you will feel the spicy sensation again. In the end, you end up with drinking a lot of cold water. Another way to remove this spicy taste in the mouth is by eating something sweet. I do not really like this idea because I feel a weird taste eating sweets after finishing my spicy food.

I discovered this technique without water accidentally when I was eating sooooo hot food and I was running out of drinking water in the car. To make it worst, I was trapped in the traffic jam. Then... what is the technique?

1. Close your mouth by making a space inside your mouth. You do this by putting your lips together but make sure that your tongue does not touch your upper and lower(inner) mouth.
2. Extrude your lips forward a little bit. Try to maintain the space inside your mouth. It is better if you this while you are away from the public or away from the mirror.. hehehe.. because you look funny.
3. This is the important step. By doing the second step, you will feel your tongue a little bit pulled back automatically. Now, contract more your tongue muscle. It is just like making your tongue squeezed and pulled back more. If you do correctly, you fell the spicy taste even more now. But do not give it up. Hold around 5 - 10 seconds and release the contraction. Repeat this step if necessary until you really feel the spicy taste gone from your tongue.

Well, I hope this technique can be beneficial for you. It never fails me. Good luck and remember to do step 2 and 3 away from the public. Happy eating spicy food!