Using HP Photosmart C3100 series

Today I bought this HP Photosmart C3100 "All in one". I am not soooo gadget person but I just need scanner and printer for my personal stuff. Since I got a good deal, I get this device. The design is slim for such a device with printer and scanner in one.

As usual, we all started by installing the driver for this device. The product comes with a CD contains a lot of software. Just imagine that I need to spend more than 30 minutes to install the software and necessary drivers for this HP Photosmart C3100 to work. Well, I can blame also my laptop that is quite slow nowadays. Maybe I need to change laptop as well.

In the end, installing more than 30 minutes for all the softwares that are included are worth waiting. The software includes all necessary tools to work with images, starting from photo album, editing, etc. When I opened the first time this HP Photosmart essential software, it scans all the pictures in my computer and create indexes for future use. Just like Picasa and other photo software huh?

After doing some scanning and printing, I am quite happy with the quality. It's a good buy for me today. You can check the product as well by clicking the image.