Choosing Your Web Hosting

I have been using web hosting services for more than 5 years now. Back then, I was not really look for hosting companies outside my country (Indonesia) because the difficulty in term of payments. I started to rent a hosting space for as low as 10MB just to host my tiny sites with low costs. The first feature that I look is always a reliable tech supports because I did not know much about technical things. This helped me a lot when installing some script and creating some cron jobs.

Time passed by and Paypal accepted Indonesia to send and receive money. This opened an opportunities for me to choose more webhosting companies with competitive prices. The disadvantages is that some reviews I read is not updated nor objective. Once, I bought a hosting space with very low prices ($1/month for 1G space) and it had a good review. Unfortunately, the reviews were kind of old and I had problem with the hosting company. Their responds to the support ticket that I submitted took days. This was a headache in my part when I wanted to install some new scripts and had problems. Other than that, the hosting was ok to host my simple html or php sites.

Based on this experience, it is always better to research more about your web hosting company before you finally choose them. Try to submit ticket or email them or chat with their live support to know their response time before buying the hosting. In addition, there are a lot of hosting review or hosting directory sites available. One of them is webhostingchoice.com . Try to look some tips to find the cheap web hosting there. I like a sentence of

“Just because a host is cheap does not mean that you will receive 'cheap' service, but you must be careful.”



November 13, 2007 at 11:55 AM

Wow, what a story! It reminds me about the country where I live, but the biggest offer we had was 10 mb for free, with no mysql, just php. They, of course didn't help no one ;-), unlike my current hosting provider: http://www.e-insites.com/, their service, I think, is really fast.

Silki Garg

November 16, 2007 at 10:31 AM

Nice story.
I have chosen lunerpages as my preferred hoting solution provider.