Where do you put your extra money for your passive or additional income?

As an ordinary worker that put effort from 8am-5pm in the office (well, sometimes up to 10pm), I tend to try to put my savings to some programs that could bring me some passive income. I have tried some HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) Online and got scammed twice. The good thing is that I only invested there around $10-$50 to test their program. Now, I never trust those HYIP Online anymore. If some of you really get good return, then, good luck to you and stay safe.

I tried also playing FOREX and it really consumed my time to search and monitor the progress. Being greedy, I lost about $1000+ in the process. Finally I stopped playing it myself and put my money in managed fund handled by FXCM. So far, I got a return of 20%-50% a year. Not much? At least I am not wasting my time looking at the chart, news, and reports.
Similar to FOREX, I tried to understand options trading. Option trading is a derivative of stocks trading. I signed up for a virtual trading in OptionsXpress and learn it by myself. In the end, I stopped it as well because it consumed my time to monitor the news and movements everyday. I have read that some people could only spend 2 hours per day and get profit out of that. Well, may be I am not smart enough or discipline enough to just spend 2 hours per day and understand the positions.

From 2 years ago, I put some of my money in mutual funds. I choose big investment houses like Schroders and Fortis to manage my funds. Why? Because it is easier for me to trust them as compared to small investment houses that have just started up and promising big returns. So far, they gave me return around 30%-50% a year for my aggressive portfolio.

Please take note that even I have benefits some passive incomes from forex managed funds and mutual funds, there are NOT risk free. Those kind of investments involve risk of losing money. They put it clearly on the form when I signed up. Thus, only put your additional money that you can risk on those types of investments.

How about you? What programs did you join to bring you additional income or passive income? Please share it with me by putting in comments?

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