97e3613 result on the last day

Today is the last day for 97e3613 SEO contest. As I am typing this blogpost, I am in the 4th positions for 97e3613 SERP. Check yourself, who is No 1 now for 97e3613 keyword. I still do not understand well how we can get high rank in SERP (search engine ranking position) for 97e3613 keyword. I have tried putting more 97e3613 keywords in the blogpost and asking link with 97e3613 link name to the blogpost. Lastly, I also publish in social bookmark like propeller to boost my 97e3613 keyword in SERP.

Nonetheless, it really helped me to see how the the movement of my 97e3613 blogpost during the last week every time I asked from a 97e3613 link. It increased my 97e3613 rank even a little bit. Well, Congrats to the winner, who ever it will be!