Christmas is coming

Although it is just 6 November now, I need to think a little bit of Christmas gift ideas for my parents, brothers, and some of my friends. Why so early? because I would not want to be in rush for my Christmas shopping in December. You must have experience the crowded store during December. In addition, the most important is that I do not want to miss someone in my list.

Sometime, it is safer to give shop gift cards. This will be a gift certificate that my relatives or friends can used to buy any products they like in under the shop on the gift cards. Of course, I need to give the popular gift cards like Home Depot, JC Penney, Bloomingdale's, etc. Another reason to give a gift cards is that it is easy to handle and send because some of them are gift card online that you could send through email.

Now, I need to start building my list as not to forget my relatives and friends for Christmas gifts. Well, it means that I need to start to save my money from now :D