2007 UN Climate Change Conference in Bali

A big conference was held in Bali discussing about Climate Change. One thing that interest me is the discussion about 5 reasons of avoiding burning forest to open new area for plantations.

Most farmers or plantations company use method of burning forest to open new area or land clearing because it is considered as the cheapest way. However, they should know the consequences in doing so.

1. Wood biomass that present in forest keeps nutrition for the land. Land clearing by burning will invoke loss of land quality to prevent erosion and water quality under the land.
2. Burning is obviously produces excessive smokes that can affect global warming.
3. Wood in forest can be used for paper materials. So, why burning them?.
4. Burning will produce excessive carbon that can affect the quality of next plantations. The result of next plantations will be greatly affected.
5. If it difficult to control the spread of fire in the area. Windy environment can spread out the fire to locations that was supposed not to be cleared.