Creating an effective report

I have been creating many reports for my work. Either daily, weekly or monthly reports. I realize that because of the repetitions, the reports are often being ignored by my boss. For example in this weekly report, I stated that we have problem in the progress because of lacking of 1 human resources. By the time this problem appears in every weekly report, the problem becomes unnoticable.

Recent conversatio with my friend, he was giving me some inputes on how to make effective reports that gets attention on upper management to do action. I can summarize what my friend said to me into several points below:
1. Start with the problem. He said that it is more effective to start the report showing all the negative sides. After that, we can show all the positives sides. In the end, what takes attention of bosses are the beginning of the report.
2. Rephrase all the problem in every report (if not yet solved). Repetition is a good technique to remind upper management or other parties about the points that we want to convey. In addition, rephasing it in every report can greatly catch the attention when somebody reads the report.
3. Show problems in organized ways. Try to group by maximum of 3 points. Reader of the report could easily grasp the information if the information is groupped into smaller piece.

I hope this little conversation with my friend could help you in creating reports that catch the attention of the reader to do action.