Spaghetti Wiring

I was visiting my friend's office who are in charge of checking PocketPC (Hand Held Unit) before distributing them to respective reading center to be used by readers. When I saw the PocketPC chargers in his office is very un-organized, he defensively said "Sorry for the spaghetti wiring, It is just temporary. I will organize them later".

Well, I was thinking in my head. Why he did not organize it in the first place before using them to charge PocketPCs. I am sure that the time he will spend now to organize the spaghetti wiring will be longer. Hmmmm... anyway, it is his work space. I dont have a right to tell a person how to work. If he is comfortable with the way he works and as long as it is not affecting my work, why should I care?



July 3, 2008 at 8:22 PM

see that spagetti wiring makes me dizzy :D