Got this Lenovo T61

lenovo t61Last week I got a new laptop from my company. It is IBM Lenovo T61. Finally, I need to let go my old laptop Toshiba satellite which I do not know what satellite model it was.

Black color with slim rigid body makes Lenovo T61 looks professional. Overall it is a good laptop powered with Intel Centrino Pro. I have heard a lot about Intel Centrino, Intel Centrino Duo, Intel Centrino Core Duo, but I do not know what is Intel Centrino Pro. I did my homework by googling it and I found out that Intel Centrino Pro is similar with Intel Centrino Duo.

My laptop comes with 2GB RAM and installed with Windows XP. With this combination, the laptop runs faster. I am not planning to move to Windows Vista anytime soon because I do not want to waste my 2GB RAM to be slowed down because of windows Vista.

I satisfied with this laptop, however, after a week using it, I found something that in my personal opinion really annoying:

1. Batterry is a little extruded at the back of laptop. I do not know why IBM has to design it this way. I dont mind with the look, but every time I lift my laptop (from the front), the back part of the laptop get pressured with the table. I am afraid that in time, this will make the battery loose from the body (laptop).

2. Keyboard sounds is annoying when I type. When i try to type fast, I apply more pressure to the keyboard pads. The sounds it loud from my opinion as compared to other laptop that I have used. I notice that space bar is the one making a lot of noise when pressed.

3. USB port is vertical. The USB port is designed vertically on the right and left of laptop. Since the body is slim, I find it difficult to put my USB to the USB port. Especially with my USB flash disc that a little bulky, I need to lift and put something under the laptop so that it can be fitted. But I thing this is normal problems that we encounter with USB port for the laptop.


benjamin's blog

April 5, 2008 at 5:31 AM

Lenovo, aku pernah pake selama 1 bulan.

batere nya cepet drop. cape d :)


April 8, 2008 at 7:31 AM

Congratulation ^_^.


April 18, 2008 at 9:31 AM

i don like the design, look so stoney