Crispy food - Fact or BS

After long hours of working and tired, I tried to check my emails while enjoying a cold glass of juice. I saw this forwarded email from my friend. I do not know if it is true or somebody just tries to "attack" poor vendors in developing countries. If you know the fact, please let us know by leaving in comments.

Subject: Please READ this....this is insane!

Dear All, please read this.....

This is a TRUE STORY ...and also someone told me it happened to her in Kedah ..Tunjang..I think…. It happened to us too, in PERLIS (titi chai kangar..the pasar malam area where they always sell GORENG PISANG at noon .)

My uncle saw them frying GORENG PISANG & they added the STRAWS ( which we use to drink water) and melted them into HOT OIL before frying anything...That’s why, the GORENG PISANG, GORENG UBI..etc all stay very crispy for hours....

And, my uncle could not explain why, and he asked them, they just keep quiet and then when my uncle told my mom, then we realized this is how to make the foods crispy…..
My mom said, be careful of Thailand stuffs too e.g.: Crispy Ikan Bilis, Crispy fried onions …..which if u leave in the open air for hours, it’s still crispy..

Like in CANADA, we only have rain 5-times or less a YEAR. So, if we leave our bread in open air overnight, the next day it will be really crispy or dry because the environment here is very dry. But in Malaysia, it should not happen because there is too much moisture.

The world is changing! I read some news….oh my my... not only the Chinese are wicked but everywhere... here the news comes... I have been to Cameroon highlands with my family, it was 3 pm ++ We are hanging around the market area, we saw many hawker stall doing their business, suddenly something attracted me...
One of the stalls, there was a big wok of oil, there was a half-5-litre empty plastic oil bottle on it. It's melting slowly in the hot frying oil... I freaked out, I thought it was an unintentional act by a 7-yr-old girl .... But when I looked closely, I saw a pair of chopsticks stirring the bottle. Immediately, I asked my family to come and check it out... At that moment, the parents of the girl who were present, were looking at us ferociously.

Oh my god... They are using melted plastic to fry food...
The reason is the fried foods will not soften after sitting out for sometime due to plastic.

We experimented and did as below:
One without plastic, the food is kind of soft after a while and then add plastic, and fry the same thing once again... It crispier than KFC !!
Please stop eating this hawker's fried food...This is their secret recipe...

Pls forward to all your friend..
esp from the hawker !.. Try leave it in the open air for hours and see..