Just put 3 things in your ppt slide

When you are doing a presentation, try to make only 3 ideas per slide. And just put the main points. I have seen in the presentation that presenters put tons of information in the slides. I know that he/she wants to put it there so that when the slides are printed and given as a hand out, it will contain all the information in the slides. BUT it is not a good way to do presentation.

Remember that the presentation is all about showing some slides to help you maintain the flow of discussion and give better pictures of your explanations. All the details should be kept away from the slides. It could be in your notes and you can give away your notes after the presentation finish. It is important not to give your detailed notes before the presentation otherwise your audience will be busy reading your notes (well... maybe only some of them read it).

The slides should contain limited ideas and could be helpful if chart or images are shown regarding the main points. If you are presenting about the sales, you could just put in your slides regarding the progress of your sales in terms of charts. Use bold colors to emphasize the progress or decline. It will catch your audience attention and trigger them to want to know better your content of your presentation.

I hope this simple tips could help you doing better presentation.