Thinking of Getting New Internet Connection

I might be moving to a new apartment next month. I loved my current apartment because it comes to an internet connection through ADSL line that was installed by the owner. But since they have raised the rent unreasonably, I need to find one that I can afford.

In the new apartment, there is not internet connection yet. This is my homework to choose the best internet connection that I should avail. Currently, I am thinking either to have dial-up, DSL, cable ISP or Wireless. Dial up is the cheapest one when I tried to ask around internet provider in my area. However, the bandwith they provide for upload and download is very small. Well, what can I expect from the budgeted internet fee.

DSL and cable ISP seem to be more expensive but you can use DSL or cable ISP for making VOIP phone calls on your laptop or PC. I use voip calling a lot and I seldom have problems with the quality when using DSL in my current apartment. Cable ISP seems to be very interesting and some of the company offer a package with very low prices. Bad thing is that the provider is still not serving my area. Well, just need to wait until they do. In the meantime, I will look for another type of connection.

Wireless connection on the other hand is quite unique. It requires me to pay some deposit of the equipment that will be installed in my place. Basically, they will install an external antenna and some cables. And for this, they asked for a deposit. The deposit amounts is usually 3-4 times the monthly fee for the internet connection. In the long run, wireless connection seems to be a cheaper alternative withou sacrificing the quality of your internet connection. However, the internet provider should do a survey on my apartment if I can get a direct signal. High building could block the wireless internet signal.

I might spend 1-2 days more to test the best connection. I have some friends that are using connection other than DSL. I will bring my laptop and test the upload and download speed in their place. This could be a gauge for me to decide later on.


Sam Jackson

April 21, 2008 at 6:01 PM

I have FiOS at home, and it's fantastic... but then again, the internet here at school can be pretty blazing fast, too. Yay research universities : )