Charisma Building Tips

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How To Get A Charisma Makeover

People these days spend a fortune on trying to make themselves attractive. Many of them even go so far as to have cosmetic surgery. A term that has become popular is total makeover, where a person seeks to improve every part of their physical appearance.

If you want to become successful you would be better served by having a charisma makeover than you would be by having a total physical makeover.

Why is charisma important?

Becoming successful always involves other people. Those people may be clients or staff or partners or mentors or your power group or people you network with, but whoever they are, the greater your charisma the easier success will be for you.

Charisma is often believed to be a natural charm that some have and some missed out on but it is not true. Charisma is learned. There are several components that combine together to produce charisma and if you work to improve each of those components your personal charisma will improve substantially.

Let's look at five of the components of charisma.

The Smile

Charismatic people generally smile more often and more genuinely than average people. This smile is not a fake "politician" smile but is a reflection of a warm, positive personality. They are genuinely happy to be alive and they have a positive view on what the world has to offer them.

The Voice

Charismatic people speak with confidence and sincerity. The tone of their voice conveys that inner confidence and inspires others to follow them. Their voice is expressive and their topics of conversation are interesting. People want to listen to charismatic people.

The Body Language

The body language of charismatic people is congruent with what they are saying. If they are talking about happy, joyful feelings they look happy. If they are talking about serious issues they look serious. Their body language always matches and compliments their theme.

Charismatic people are masters of mirroring, matching, pacing and leading. These are body language techniques that help build rapport and then control that rapport so that the other person's sense of comfort is being controlled in such a way that they feel more comfortable when they fall in line with what the charismatic person is proposing.

The Communication Skills

Charismatic people use communication skills so well that other people feel more important or more valuable when they are around the charismatic person.

Charismatic people understand that charisma is all about making the other person feel better, more valuable and happier. They achieve this to the extent that other people start to feel better each time they see the charismatic person, even from a distance.

Much of this is achieved by knowing when and how to listen and when and how to speak. These are skills that can be learned and should be learned by anyone who is serious at becoming successful.

The Passion

Charismatic people are passionate people.

Most people are ordinary. Their lives lack passion and direction. They are going nowhere, living the same year over and over again.

When ordinary people are put together with passionate people who have good communication skills, then the ordinary person gets a lift from the charismatic person's passion and confidence. They feel that by going along for the ride with this person their own dull life will be enhanced and they will be more important.

Charismatic people become the leaders. They set the trends. They have the inspired goals and sense of purpose that others lack.

Spend some time giving yourself a charisma makeover and success will suddenly become a whole lot easier for you.

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