Funny Picture - El Rastro Flea Market

When I was visiting Madrid for a short time, one of the places I visited is El Rastro Flea Market. My friend who live in Madrid told me that it will be a good experience to visit El Rastro that is open only in Sunday morning and finish the shoppings with couple of beers around the area. At least, this is what he usually does to kill time with his friends.

One thing that took my attention was when I found a beggar along the El Rastro market. The beggar had several signs where people put money on. The signs are "PARA CERVEZA", "PARA WHISKY", "PARA RESACA". Well, I dont understand much Spanish words but my friend told me that it means "FOR BEERS", "FOR WHISKY", "FOR RESACA". What an idea to ask money in the street :D

I took my cellphone and took a picture of it. All of the sudden, this guy brought out another sign and showed it to me "PARA FOTO... EUR50". Whuahaha... I wanted to took the picture as well of this sign but I was afraid that this guy would get mad if I took another picture. Also, I did not want to pay EUR50 only for this. It is better to spend my EUR to treat my friends who have been accompanying me around in Madrid. In any case, I got a funny picture I already.