Trip to Sukabumi, West Java – Water rafting and War game

Sukabumi is one of the places that often missed by the tourists when they visit Indonesia, especially West Java. Sukabumi is only 2 hours drive from Jakarta. To tell you honestly, I also almost missed visiting Sukabumi :P.

I was asked by my friends to visit Sukabumi 2 years ago. We went there by car from Jakarta. The side views was amazing if you if nature. By the way, we contacted an agent first before coming to Sukabumi to arrange the water rafting that we wanted to try. We did not plan to spend overnight, so we just booked for the facilities to do water rafting.

We got at the resort place in Sukabumi around 10 in the morning, the instructor has been ready for us and taught the basic water rafting and some survival basic in case of emergency. We rode up a jeep to reach the river and started water rafting. Whoooah, we enjoyed it so much. We rode down the river for about 12 km. Not very long, but good enough for starters like us to enjoy. It was a nice experience.

After finish water rafting, we still have time before leave Sukabumi. So, we tried War game as well. I could never imagine that in the war game you fell like a real war. I was becoming so afraid to walk or run in open area. I was hiding behind the trees or bushes. Just crawling around to reach the flags of the other team. I knew that I have limited bullets so I need to use it wisely. Well, in the end my team lose because the other team had a great sniper I must say. Even if my friend was hiding under the bushes, when he was raising up his head to look around. Baaaannng, his helmet was covered by red color due to red painted bullet.