Stressed Out? Try Wrist Ball

Most people use this wrist ball to strengthen their arms, especially arms grip. I think trainers in tennis and other racket sports recommend this wrist ball for exercise. The size is small and easy to use. I mean, you can do it as you like... while watching TV, while relaxing in the sofa, or even while traveling. But I personally used it for relieve my stress.

Maybe you have heard about the stress ball. What you need to do is to squeeze the ball. What I like about this ball is that you need to maintain the rhythm to make the inner ball always turns. I don’t know what brand my wrist ball is. I just bought it a year ago along with my kettler ball.

I must admit that at fist, it is difficult to start the inner ball always rotating. But once you get the rhythm, you can keep it spinning all day if you have the strength. You can pace the speed and strength as you like. The more you move the wrist ball circularly, the more resistance you will get. In the end, you have to grasp it more firmly.

Turning this ball and keep the rhythm is what makes my stress gone. This is something interesting you need to try other than your stress relieving method you have.



September 9, 2007 at 2:58 AM

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