Trip to Vigan - North of Philippines

Vigan is considered one of the heritage city in the Philippines. I visited the town 5 years ago with my friends. Yeah... it is a long time age. But I bet that the city center buildings do not change much because they want to preserve the old style that the Spanish build hundred years back.

I like the city as it gave me a different ambiance. I can just spend hours walking around the city looking at the different styles of old buildings. And people are still living under them. Well, mostly are store now. If you get tired walking, you can always stop by in the big round about near the city center to get some drinks an local delicacies like empanada. They offer different kind of foods there. What I like is the "cornic". It is a dried corns. Some are added with flavors like cheese, garlic, etc. It just a good snack to enjoy while relaxing