Finally my hard disk broke down - Put under air condition and it worked

Well, this is not a good story to tell. I noticed 3 months ago that my hard disk in the laptop started to make a rattle noise. This was quite noisy that usual. Starting from that day I planned to back up the important data every week.

As expected, a week after I encountered the "blue screen" while working with my laptop. I needed to re-start the computer and everything goes well. I might say that almost every week I encountered "blue screen" minimum 1 time.

Just last week, the hard disk finally broke. My laptop did not want to start and kept on showing the blue screen. I was not very surprised with this as I expected it to happen even 3 months ago. I just a little bit concern about last week data. It was not a big deal but I just hope that I could copy the last one before changing into the new hard disk. I tried to restart for more than 20 times but still not showing any good results. The Windows just did not want to load. Even when I tried a safe mode, somewhere in the middle, it showed again the "blue screen".

As time passed, I finally decided to stop trying. I unscrew the laptop and removed the hard disk. I decided to continue putting new hard disk and installing software the next day. To my shock, the old hard disk is very very very hot. And as you can see in the picture, the round part (where the disc is rotating) has been in BLACK color. It meant that the disc kept scratching the cover until the cover burnt up.

I was thinking may the frictions happened because the disc has been expanded due to heat and touches the cover. Desperately to give a last try, I put the hard disk under the air condition and left it all night long. I just hope that the cold temperature will shrink the disc a little bit as not to touch the cover (which were making a noisy rattle sound).

Guess what? in the morning, when I put the old hard disk back in the laptop, IT WORKED. The rattle noises were lessen. Without delaying too much, I copied all the necessary data. I did browsing also for about 2 hours until I hear again the rattle sound started to appear. I finally decided to turn off the computer, throw the old hard disk and put new hard disk.

Now, I am working with new hard disk. Until now, I did not know if I just lucky at that time or in deed, there is a effect by putting your hard disk under the air condition. For those desperate people having the same problem, there is nothing to loose to try this. Just don't put your hard disk inside your refrigerator :D